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McCoy v. State:

Notes: Custodial parent did not change. The expert evaluated for parental alienation and testified but found no evidence to support parental alienation.

“The ‘parental alienation syndrome’ was explained by the state’s expert as sexual abuse allegations against one parent as a result of coaching and encouragement by the other parent. Based upon his counseling sessions with the daughter, the state’s expert discredited the notion that the charges were fabricated or the results of coaching.”
McCoy v. State, 886 P.2d 252, 257 (Wyo. 1994).

Carlton v. Carlton:

Alienating Parent: ♀

“[In custody trial] Mr. Carlton presented expert testimony that his son was suffering from parent alienation syndrome caused by Mrs. Carlton.” [Custody issue not raised on appeal.]
Carlton v. Carlton, 997 P.2d 1028, 1034 (Wyo. 2000).

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