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One of the major goals of NCAPA is to increase awareness and support for issues involved in parental alienation. Below are some basic tenets which we believe are important to the efforts to find PA solutions. NCAPA provides the right to public use of these tenets and this petition, with attribution, for purposes involved in advancing PA awareness and solutions. Information regarding NCAPA members providing support for this petition will remain confidential except by their own wishes and public actions.

    1. 1. Parental Alienation (PA) is a verifiable issue and behavior pattern which is present in many divorce situations.


    1. 2. Parental Alienation behavior is not a gender-based issue. Both mothers and fathers are sometimes the initiators of hurtful patterns of dysfunctional PA behavior which negatively affects both the target parent and the child(ren).


    1. 3. Parental Alienation is in many cases and circumstances a form of child abuse.


    1. 4. All professionals involved in the divorce process, including family counselors, attorneys, evaluators, and legal and judicial practitioners, need to become aware and educated about PA in order to identify and address PA issues and solutions.


    1. 5. Each state should enact laws which provide for shared parenting as the preferred custody arrangement, with equal custody time being the expected norm.  Custody arrangements should be adjusted against provable parental alienation behavior.  Full removal of a child in PA situations should not be a standard option.


    1. 6. Should family court intervention and professional counseling prove ineffective, the realistic option of civil legal action, as a last resort, should be made available in all states as a significant deterrent of future parental alienation behavior.

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