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In re Mary Kathryn T.:

Alienating Parent: Foster ♀ — reunite with parents immediately

“Dr. Breaux opined that ‘the foster mother has explicitly and implicitly taken actions leading to the children’s alienation towards their parent.’”
In re Mary Kathryn T., 427 Pa.Super. 515, 525, 629 A.2d 988 (1993).

T.B. v. L.R.M.:

Alienating Parent: ♀

“The trial court also determined that Appellee, through ‘carefully calculated efforts, successfully alienated the child against [Appellant].’ . . . Dr. King in his report . . . states ‘There is a number of social policy issues here that make it difficult to feel comfortable saying that these visits should not take place. One of these is the blatant alienation by the mother. All psychologists, especially this one, are loathed to reward such behavior.’”
T.B. v. L.R.M., 874 A.2d 34, **37, 43 (Pa.Super. 2005).

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