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Lawson v. Lawson:

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“Rizzo, a licensed clinical psychologist, testified that his practice includes helping people dealing with family problems, divorce problems, and reunification of children following a divorce. Rizzo testified that he was retained to make an assessment and to try to assist in the relationship between David and the minor children. Rizzo testified that Brenda and David’s divorce was a very high conflict divorce and that Davis was an anxious and very angry child and was very frank about not wanting to see David. Rizzo testified that Brenda was very . . . injured and bitter toward David and that Brenda was not following the parenting plan. Further, Rizzo noted that in July 2007, Davis’ anger was becoming more intense toward David, and that because there was no real contact with David which would account for the increase, the increased anger had to be attributable to a different source. Rizzo further testified that parental alienation was occurring with respect to Brenda’s alienating the minor children against David. Rizzo also testified that during one of Davis’ final meetings with him, Davis confronted him about one of the letters that Rizzo had sent to Davis’ parents; Davis told Rizzo that Brenda had given Davis the letter and that he had read it.”
Lawson v. Lawson, 16 Neb.App. 854, 858-59, 753 N.W.2d 863 (Neb.App. 2008), overruled on other grounds by Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. v. Kreikemeier, 279 Neb. 661, 782 N.W.2d 848 (2010).

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