National Coalition Against Parental Alienation

Promoting Awareness and Solutionssm

National Coalition Against Parental Alienation

Promoting Awareness and Solutions(sm)


Who we are:

We are you, me, and everyone interested in expressing intelligent opinions and facts about PA.

NCAPA is organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) Virginia corporation.

What We’re About:

NCAPA is about an honest and professional effort to engage people in intelligent conversations with the goal of facilitating awareness and effective solutions for PA.

What We’re Not About:

We are against any effort to promote hidden agendas or to deny the reality of abuse which occurs towards children and adults from parental alienation.

Important NCAPA Message:

Any use of PA claims for nefarious purposes is wrong. And the denial that PA exists and that parents and children get hurt through PA is equally wrong.

We all condemn politicians these days for partisan efforts which only serve to polarize people and therefore avert attention and efforts away from honest and useful solutions to the issues facing ourselves and our children. Yet we ourselves are doing much the same thing regarding PA. We, however, can control our own behaviors and can open our minds to real solutions which will make life better for everyone, especially the children.

We need to take the gender issues out of the PA discussion. Both men and women sometimes behave inappropriately in divorce situations. But the most important reason is simple: PA hurts children of both genders. The NEED for solutions is truly that simple. Obviously the path to those solutions is not simple….but solutions are extremely necessary. But there can only be truly effective solutions if everyone who has the best interest of children in mind has a voice – male and female, professional and parent, victims and skeptics.

Some men falsely use PA as a red-herring. Some women falsely use domestic violence issues as a red-herring. Humans abuse everything, sad but true. We won’t change that… let’s move on to find solutions for the large number of PA situations which are true, real, and destructive.

Children should not be influenced by, or captive to, an abusive parent (of either gender). If we can all agree on that, then we can also agree on the need to find solutions for PA.
There needs to be a centralized forum for experiences and information which can be used in supportive ways to facilitate efforts to formulate PA solutions in order to achieve better divorce outcomes. That’s the purpose of this site, NPACA.

If not here, then where? If not now, then when?

NCAPA Mission Statement

The mission of NCAPA is to provide a forum for intelligent interaction regarding the various issues and viewpoints involved with parental alienation (PA). The goal is to use intelligent interaction as a basis to increase awareness and to facilitate effective solutions.

The NCAPA website will be used as a clearinghouse for opinions, experiences, research, and to facilitate appropriate efforts to implement solutions. NCAPA does not censor any viewpoint, nor do we want to limit viewpoints from anyone who expresses them in an intelligent and civil manner. It is NCAPA’s position, however, that parental alienation is a verifiable occurrence in many divorce situations, and that effective measures have yet to be implemented to reduce the likelihood of PA occurrences in the near future.