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Barton v. Hirshberg:

Alienating Parent: ♀

“Dr. J. Burke Mealy interviewed the parties and Adam as a court appointed Custody Evaluator. Dr. Mealy concluded that Adam suffered from ‘Parent Alienation Syndrome’ and ‘in a positive way idealize[d] his mother-my mother is perfect. . . . And negatively idealize[d] his father-my father is all bad.’”
Barton v. Hirshberg, 137 Md.App. 1, 12, 767 A.2d 874 (2001).

Tarachanskaya v. Volodarsky:

Alienating Parent: ♀

“Regardless of the findings on the abuse, we still have a child who is, at present, totally alienated from her father.”
Tarachanskaya v. Volodarsky, 168 Md.App. 587, 603, 897 A.2d 884 (Md.App. 2006).

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