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Distance Father Daughter
Started by GalarsaR 2 months ago
I live in Arizona and my daughter lives in Missouri. If I'm lucky I get to see her for 4 weeks during Summer vacation. Mother refuses to let me have a relationship with her because she fears my daughter will want to live with me. She has even gone to the extreme to go into my daughter's phone and block me from every social media and messenger so we aren't able to communicate. I am at a breaking point, we have gone to court in California (originally from there) but never followed the court order anf judges refuse to give me custody. California case was closed, looking to file where she lives now, Missouri. I'm at a desperate need for help. I don't want my daughter thinking i don't look for her or ask about her. Any advise, tips would help. Thanks!

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S replied 3 weeks ago...

I'm in MO. Where is she in the state?

GalarsaR commented 3 weeks ago
She is in Monett.

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