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Started by ghostrider 6 months ago
My husband want to go to his daughters graduation. He missed his son's because his ex told him not to come and so he did not. He was hurt and wrong for not going anyway. Now it's his daughters. He wants to go and they said you should not come because you did not come to her brothers and it would hurt him and you have not been there to celebrate my years in school etc. He wanted to be there we spend 15,000 to never get one hearing to get to see them she always denied visitaton. Against the court order. He has not seen them in years. he did not send card he did send email letters once and texts but they never replied only a few times. He has tried numerous times to meet for lunch they always cancel etc. He wants to go give them a card with a gift that's it not for pictures or to act like he did something. He's not that way. All he was all these years was support and healthcare money that's it. They will say you had to pay. no he could have made it hard like my ex 40,000 behind and did not see our kids) but my husband he paid every payment on time even once when he was out of work. I told him go and even if they dont see you you went and try to take a distant picture to send them so they know you were there. He don't even have a home address anymore she moved them so many times and doesn't give it to him. this has been about seven years. our 11 year old dont really know them. They are hurting he is hurting.enough is enough. this should be fixed. His son graduates college and he could go to that. Now but we don't know the college. Were trying to find out. Advice for him?

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