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I'm losing my first born child to a monster!
Started by Broken in St. Bernard 1 year ago
I NEED HELP! Are there any psychologists that specialize in Parental Alienation Syndrome near me?? I can't just sit back and lose my baby!

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Jacob Frye replied 1 year ago...

I am going through this right now, please help me and my daughter in Webster City Iowa Hamilton County.

bellasad commented 1 year ago
I'm so sorry! I really understand how you can feel broken with panic and desperation. Have you filed a case with your county's courthouse? If not, I would visit your courthouse for family law, and get an order/stipulation established for custody and visitation. That's what I would do to start. commented 11 months ago
Im sorry Broken, I feel your pain. I am going through the sane in San Antonio Texas.

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0 replied 11 months ago...

I am truly sorry Broken, I feel your pain. I am going through the same in San Antonio Texas. Looking for a thrapist who deals with Parent alienation.

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