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My Ex Won Custody of our Daughter
Started by pmonty1966 11 months ago
Original court gave custody to me, the mother, after several incidences. The father appealed to appeal court. The court reevaluated evidence which is not allowed, but they did anyways and gave him custody of our daughter. Supreme court did not overturn the Appeal's court decision even though they stated they are not supposed to reevaluate evidence. 2 were for transfer back to me and 3 did not want to overturn Appeals Court. There is even an article regarding my case on The Indiana Lawyer.
My heart is breaking and so is my daughter's. Once my daughter is reunited with my ex, I will have to go back to Court and ask for an Order for him to "allow" me to have my parenting time and weekly phone calls with her. He once told my daughter that the reason why the Courts gave her to him was because I was am unfit and I didn't want her anymore. I went almost a year fighting in Court against his lies, one time he told our daughter that I was dead the first time he regained custody, he truly believed I had no rights to our daughter. Imagine being a 5 year old and was told that her mother was dead and then a year later, you were rejoined by her? Its very hard to prove in Courts that a Father can Alienate a child against the Mother because I am told, its usually the Mother who is the PA and its really hard to prove in the family Court. My ex has the money and resources to continue on fighting thus I do not. Its funny because he doesn't even want her, he told me after he was bailed out of jail for domestic battery, if I ever leave him, take HIS daughter, he will make my life hell... he was right, it has been 8 plus years of hell and a night mare. I keep looking at my phone and hoping to see a call from my Attorney telling me, it was all a mistake....
I am glad I have found this sight, I feel so alone right now and thank you for letting me tell my story....

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