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In re Marriage of Major:


Alienating Parent: ♀ — Fee awarded to ♂

“Because the history of this case clearly reflects that Gossen has engaged in a pattern of attempted alienation of her two children from Major, their father, and that she is responsible for the needless expenditure of many of Major’s attorney fees, we affirm the award.”
In re Marriage of Major, 97 P.3d 528, 2004 WL 2085794 at *1 (Kan.App.).

In re Marriage of Kimbrell:

Alienating Parent: ♂ — Custody to target parent: mother with visitation to father

“In an order issued in February 2004, the trial court adopted the following proposed conclusions of law of the special master: ‘1. If David Kimbrell genuinely desires to re-establish meaningful relationships with his children, it will be necessary for him to participate in individual therapy with a therapist who is knowledgeable about parental alienation syndrome and knowledgeable about parents who are emotionally abusive, especially those with significant psychiatric problems.’”
In re Marriage of Kimbrell, 34 Kan.App.2d 413, 418, 119 P.3d 684 (Kan.App. 2005).

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