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In re Marriage of Rosenfeld:

Alienating Parent: ♂ — Custody to target parent: ♀

“[O]n the testimony of Dr. Rypma regarding the parental alienation syndrome . . . the trial court found Martin had attempted to alienate the children from Beverly.”
In re Marriage of Rosenfeld, 524 N.W.2d 212, 213 (Iowa App. 1994).

In re Marriage of McCord:


Alienating Parent: ♀

“The court found troubling a report of Sandra Pelzer, a licensed independent social worker, who was requested by a child abuse investigator to do an evaluation. . . . The court . . . noted that Pelzer concluded there were many indicators of the sexual-allegations-in-divorce syndrome and the parental-alienation syndrome present and recommended a change in custody. . . . The court noted that Jager-Pippy, a licensed independent social worker who was ordered to counsel Brittany . . . had grave concerns about the repeated and unsubstantiated allegations made by Carly and her mother and noted the family situation fits the criteria for the most severe form of parental alienation syndrome.”
In re Marriage of McCord, 674 N.W.2d 685 (Table), 2003 WL 23219961 at *5 (Iowa App. 2003).

In re Marriage of Burt:


Alienating Parent: ♂ — Custody to target parent: ♀

“Shane and several of his witnesses admitted that he called Kim demeaning names in front of the children. Indeed, Kim testified that the children came to view these names as normal and also began using them. Shane also admitted to making over 300 calls to Kim in a one-month period and hiding tape recorders in the home to monitor her conversations. He followed Kim, tracked the people who came and went from the home as well as her after-work activities, and made unfounded accusations about her personal life. Based on this evidence as well as evidence of physical abuse during the marriage, Kim’s therapist testified that Kim was ‘very much a victim of domestic violence’ and Shane had ‘issues of power and control.’ This testimony was corroborated by the testimony of the children’s therapist, who stated: ‘In 20 years that I have been in this-in the social work field, this is probably the most significant case of parent alienation I’ve ever witnessed. . . . You know, and it’s constant. It has never ceased. And I-it has just been difficult to watch the impact it has had on these children.’ On this record, we cannot find any basis for concluding joint physical care was in the children’s best interests.”
In re Marriage of Burt, 804 N.W.2d 314 at *1 (Table) (Iowa App. 2011).

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