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Chee v. Chee:


Alienating Parent: ♀

“Dr. Lehrke stated she believes that Mother’s actions constitute serious parental alienation; that H.C. now suffers from Parental Alienation Syndrome; and that there is risk that Mother may attempt to flee with H.C. if Mother realizes H.C. will be returned to Hawaii. . . . The family court issued its order granting Fathers’s ex parte motion on November 1, 2000 (November 1, 2000, Ex Parte Order) and further directed that this order not be served on Mother until H.C. was in Father’s custody. The November 1, 2000 Ex Parte Order contained the family court’s finding that ‘[H.C.] has been severely alienated by [Mother] and it is in the minor child’s best interest to be put in the temporary legal and physical custody of [Father] and returned to Hawaii immediately.’”
Chee v. Chee, 121 Hawai’i 30, 211 P.3d 88 (Table) (Hawai’i App. 2009).

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